Values & Mission

Ve-et Yehuda shalah lefanav lehorot lefanav Goshna” – “And he sent Judah to Goshen before him to plan”

Bereishit, Vayigash 46:28

Perhaps the best known reason given for Yaakov sending Judah’s to Egypt in the above cited mission is cited by Rashi in an alternate comment based on the root of the Hebrew. Rashi suggests that word “l’ho’roht,” which means to teach or instruct, teaches us that Judah was sent ahead of the family to establish a house of study for Jacob from which instruction shall go forth.

Goshna Foundation’s mission is to create and
administer innovative programs that focus on
alleviating the burden of orthodox Jewish
education tuition costs to Jewish
families Nationwide.

Our heritage constantly highlights the centrality of Jewish education in Jewish life. It is for this reason that schools are always among the first institutions to be established in newly developing Jewish communities.The “tuition crisis” has emerged as one the most pressing yet vexing problem confronting the Orthodox Jewish community not only in the United States but in many communities around the world.

Goshna’s mission is to create and administer innovative programs that focus on alleviating the burden of Jewish education costs to families and Yeshivas Nationwide. At Goshna we recognize that tuition is a community challenge and only the collaboration of the community will yield a long term solution. We support programs that promote Jewish education and lifestyle in accordance to God’s covenant with Israel through Moses.

We work to get more children to learn about their heritage and develop the language skills and Torah knowledge to form a meaningful connection to Jewish tradition. Through a proper Jewish education, our children are given the tools and resolve to independently develop their skills and Torah knowledge, strengthening their bond with the Jewish community and benefiting from the caring and wise counsel of devoted teachers.

Goshna was founded as an independent non-profit organization with no affiliations to any specific institution or individual. Scholarships and Grants are always given directly to the Yeshiva or Educational Institution. Goshna's board of trustees includes:

  • Rabbi Shmuel Beyda
  • Rabbi Maymon Badoush
  • Moshe Stern
  • Dr. Eddie Esses
  • Albert Steinberg
  • Israel Sasson
  • Alberto Benamu

For any questions regarding this cause and program, please contact us and we will reach out to you.