How it works
  • You Donate $199 towards Torah Education

    A credit card or debit card is required to make a donation. Click on the "Donate $199 Now" icon on the homepage to donate. You'll be given the option to buy a single ticket or more, up to 10 tickets.

  • Get your confirmation email

    You will receive an email with your donation receipt as well as a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket will include a raffle number as well as a ticket number from 1 to 100.

  • Watch The Raffle Closely

    As soon as 100 donations are made, Goshna is immediately going to sponsor a $15,000 dollar scholarship. 1 of the 100 donors will randomly and automatically be selected online by an independent third-party drawing service to get the privilege of nominating an orthodox yeshiva or school where the scholarship will go to.

  • Goshna Contacts The Winner

    The winning ticket number will be displayed on the home page and all 100 participants will receive an email with the results. Goshna will contact the winner and make arrangements to sponsor the $15,000 scholarship to the orthodox Yeshiva or School of his or her choice!

  • Repeat Steps 1 to 4

    100 tickets, 1 winner → 100 tickets, 1 winner → 100 tickets, 1 winner → … the cycle goes on and on and the odds remain amazing each time. Goshna uses the proceeds of each Raffle to provide additional scholarships to children in need.